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Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Packed up and ready to get up there!

Hampton Court Palace Flower Show 'Build Up'

I picked up the lorry this morning - I feel I have a slightly worrying soft spot for lorries and was very excited to be driving it! It's now all packed up and ready to leave tomorrow morning at 5.45am. It feels a little strange to be all ready to go - there is so much organising for these shows and I've got as much of it done as I can, so now it's all down to getting it built.

Unfortunately this is what Google says the weather will be like for the first few days of building....oh joy!

I had an email from a journalist at Landscape Juice today saying that she was interested in running a story on the build up of my garden and she also informed me of an interesting green wall outside the National Gallery to mimic a Van Gogh painting - seems like art and plants are very in vougue at the moment.

Time for bed - I will try and keep an update on the build progress but I imagine I'll be having a few long days for a couple of weeks.

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