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Thursday, 25 March 2010

Sowing seeds

I've sown a good deal of seeds recently and am letting most of the germinate in the reletive warmth inside, covering them with newspaper to keep in the moisture. As soon as the seedlings appear I ship them out to the polytunnel to stop them from 'bolting' from being too warm.

My order of 120 bare-rooted Strawberry 'Elsanta' plants arrived last week from Pomona Fruits and needed planting within 24 hours - always good to know when you find then on the doorstep 15 minutes before the school run - needless to say it took a little longer than this and I duely roped in my Dad to come and help first thing the next day. I have planted them far denser than you would normally for showing purposes in the hope that each pot will give the impression of one large plant. I love my strawberries - they started growing within a few hours of planting - which was a superb morale boost compared with staring at trays of compost waiting for seedlings to appear!

I have a standard goosebery tree and some cordon redcurrants to go in the fruit bed with the strawberries - supplied by the specialist fruit growers Chris Bowers and Sons. With any luck these will put on some decent growth in the next couple of months....if we get some of our nice spring weather back.

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